Fascinating Facts Of Topeka Kansas

Fascinating Facts Of Topeka Kansas

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Topeka Kansas is the capital city of the state of Kansas. It’s also the county seat for Shawnee County. Situated alongside the Kansas River, which is in the central region of Shawnee County, Topeka boasts a population of just over 127,000.

The name, Topeka, originates from the Osage language meaning, “The area where we dug our potatoes” or “good place we found for digging potatoes”. The name was originally recorded in the year 1826. The founders voted to keep the name in the year 1855 as it was of Indian origin and they liked the sound of it. A Mixed-blood Kansas Native American named Joseph James (commonly called JoJim) has been credited with the name.

As one of the original Free-State towns which were antislavery, people flocked to the area. Furthermore, thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court case referred to as Brown Vs Board of Education, overturned the former Plessy vs. Ferguson which declared racial segregation in the public school system to be an unconstitutional act thus allowing for any race to be educated in their educational system.

In March of 2010, Mayor Bill Bunten gave a proclamation to call Topeka “Google” for the entire month of March. They decided not to legally change the name, however, as it was against the city council’s wishes. Google, in reciprocation, jokingly announced that they would change their name to “Topeka” in honor of their moving gesture.

Thus, on April fools day of 2010, Google changed their homepage to read Topeka. Google went on to explain that this would affect all of their services as well as the culture. They changed “googlers” to the term “Topekans” and “Project Virgle” to the term “Project Vireka” and stated that the proper terms for Topeka were to use it as an adjective, not as a verb.

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