Plan On Also Stopping By These Topeka KS Attractions

Plan On Also Stopping By These Topeka KS Attractions

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While you have plenty of interesting and unique attractions to pick from in Topeka, I have been giving you the quick written virtual tour of two each round here. This time, you’re going to love the two attractions in Topeka Kansas that I have selected. When you are visiting the state’s capital city, you’re going to know your way around. Now get ready to have a front row seat looking at two more attractions in Topeka.

Have you ever visited a historical cemetery that is a landmark in a city? The Topeka Cemetery Association is a top attraction, and you will see why. It is located on SW 10th Avenue, and the first thing you need to know is that there are burial plots of historical significance. It would be neat to visit one of the local museums, and there are some as I’ve reviewed them for you, and then pair the museum experience with your visit to the Topeka Cemetery Association.

Would you like to tour a local brewing company? Norsemen Brewing Company is your spot in Topeka, and it is located on N Kansas Avenue. Not only is it your place to get some great brews, but reviewers talk about Norsemen Brewing Company serving up some delicious barbecue. Yet one review says no food at the brewing company with the exception of food trucks that show up. Despite contradicting reviews, it looks like this is a great attraction to visit for some fun.

Well how do these two Topeka attractions stack up for you? They are definitely looking like two interesting stops for your Kansas vacation. You are building your itinerary well after reading everything I’ve had to say in this article and past posts about Topeka attractions. You should have no problem enjoying yourself for sure.

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