What Grub Can You Grab At These Two Popular Restaurants In Topeka?

What Grub Can You Grab At These Two Popular Restaurants In Topeka?

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Topeka restaurants are all about serving up delicious food, and I have covered quite a few of the top 50 restaurants out of almost 300. These next two are also in the top 50, and they look like excellent places to get a bite to eat. The first one is Margaritas Jalisco, a Mexican restaurant on SW 17th Street. The second restaurant is Hog Wild BBQ on SW 21st Street.

Hog Wild BBQ is known for having ribs with tender meat that falls off the bone according to the reviews. It is also known for its pulled pork sandwiches, sides and so much more. What is interesting to me is this place is actually supposed to be a regional chain barbecue restaurant. I didn’t know that because I usually don’t feature chain restaurants, but hey, it looks delicious.

Margaritas Jalisco also looks like it has some delicious food on the menu. Looking at a picture of the restaurant, it is exactly what I would expect walking into one of the restaurants in Seguin, Texas. Fajitas are part of the menu highlights, so it looks like to me that it would be what I decided to order. And of course, as the name of the restaurant suggests, it is a place you can relax and have some margaritas.

Margaritas Jalisco and Hog Wild BBQ are two good picks, and you can compare them to the others you have been given. If I had to pick between barbecue and Mexican food for dinner right now, I’m not sure which I would choose. I think I will go with fajitas at Margaritas Jalisco as what would be my first choice. What would be yours? Make sure you try out both before you head out.

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